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PSU: Portable Sanitation Unit

November 30, 2011


Like most women, I have a problem with Porta-Potties. Unlike men – who can relieve a full bladder without ever touching anything but themselves, we girls have to sit directly on a surface that has shared space with the intimate parts of A LOT of other people. Now, while that is gross enough, it is […]

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Merry Freakin’ Christmas

November 29, 2011


 Most people deck the halls with boughs of holly.  At my house, my husband and I come close to decking each other.  My husband, through no fault of his own, is Bosnian.  This means he is hard-headed.  Literally, his head is like a solid chunk of concrete. This also means that as a child in Bosnia, […]

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EVERYONE has a poop story to tell… here is mine.

November 27, 2011


I once had a little gang of friends who took turns hosting monthly dinners, but for Christmas one year, we decided to get together at a restaurant. After a hearty meal and much merry-making, my husband and I went back to our friends’ house for the night. They had literally just moved into the home […]

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Baby feet. Old Feet. Cute feet. Gross feet.

November 26, 2011


Recently, I was struck by the hideous state of most adult’s feet.  Both men and women freely exhibit their toes in the most jaw-droppingly disgusting state… and don’t seem to care!  These are the same people who showered, shaved, put on cologne and clothes, and seemed to give a damn about their appearance to the outside […]

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