Can I get an Amen? Receipts longer than my arm? Who do I kill to stop this?

“Can I get an Amen?” is the name of my new “column” that will appear frequently in this blog.  The subject of each essay will fall under the category of “things I cannot stand.”  If they are also things that YOU cannot stand, then I’d like “to get an amen”.

Since I am on the topic of retail experiences from Hell, I really cannot STAND this new way of marketing, i.e.: trying to sell me crap, by adding information to my receipt, thereby giving me a length of paper that is up to 24 inches long for a $2 purchase.

Today, it is not just a receipt; but a coupon, survey, and sale flyer all rolled into one.  It takes a solid minute to get a full receipt out of the machine and the waste of paper is ridiculous.

We happen to charge literally everything on a credit card, in order to earn points, save the receipts all month, calculate them two or three times and then transfer the money to pay the bill in full at the end of the month.  This means, that I actually have to save this giant wad of crumpled paper in my purse for days and weeks at a time.

Come accounting time, it takes me forever to unravel the measuring tape length receipts and try to find the actual total among the web address, survey prize description and manager’s name, home address and length of employment.

Really, all I want is a receipt.  Just tell me what I purchased, for how much and when.  That’s it.  My receipt for one or two items does not need to be 10 times longer that the items themselves.

I can’t STAND ridiculously long receipts.  Can I get an amen?

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