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December 11, 2011

Essays for Giggles, Holiday Stories

It is an oft-asked question… Santa or No?  Most people I know do do Santa (ha ha, I said doo doo) and I LOVED the idea of Santa when I was a child.   It is one of my fondest childhood memories.  The excitement of waiting on the Big Guy is akin to peeing on myself today.  The excitement is hard to contain.

I did not want to deny my daughter the same joy of believing in magic during those early fantastical years of her life, when everything is new and miraculous.

But now, it is starting to freak me out a bit.  First off, she is almost 7 and a smart child with the sarcastic bent of her parents.  She sees movies with Santa’s elves making the world’s toys in his toy shop.  As a matter of fact, we have seen “Elf” with Will Farrell about ten times in the past two weeks.  When he keeps calling the “little person” an elf, until he gets his butt kicked… well, that never gets old.

So does she think that Santa makes American Girl doll stuff and is he supplying Wal-Mart and Target too?  I mean, where is the disconnect between Santa bringing his magic sleigh of workshop-made goodies and the fact that everything she wants is available in a retail store and has been advertised on TV?

Does Santa have an electronics department making Nintendo and Wii games?   If so, I want a job.

She has told me lately that it is OK if a toy costs too much, because Santa can bring it, and Santa gets it for free.  First of all, I don’t remember ever having that thought process as a child.  Santa was a privilege, not some fountain-of-youthful-toys, that spewed like Old Faithful all over our living room.

And in an effort to foster a good citizen of the world, for as long as she can remember, she has participated in giving gifts to those less fortunate.  I describe those children as people whose parents do not have as much money to celebrate Christmas as we do.  Never once has she asked why Santa only visits middle-class children like her and leaves poor kids out on the street.

I want my daughter to experience the magic and fantasy of Christmas before she grows up and reality sets in with the thickness of concrete, but I also want her to be smart enough to realize that Santa makes no flippin’ sense.

And I DREAD the day she figures it out.  I shudder to think of the moment when I have to look her in the eye and say, that yes, all along “it was us” giving you gifts all those years.  The angst I feel makes me wonder if the “no-Santa-Clausers” are right… but then again, I cannot imagine my daughter missing those precious few years of magic.

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