“Home Alone” for the Holidays.

Home alone with my child, that is.  I have just been paroled from a 2 week stint at home with my daughter for the holidays and I gotta say… it sure does feel good to be on the outside again.  Outside where grown-ups live.  Where I might find a quiet corner where I can sit quietly and be quiet.

I was a stay-at-home mom for the first 5 years of my daughter’s life.  When she started kindergarten, I got a lovely little part-time job that I really like.  Now that she is in first grade and I am on my second year of employment outside the home, I have lost my tolerance for the rigors of that life.

I do not know how home-schooling parents do it.  Or frankly, “why” for that matter.  Her going to school all day and me having a reason to live that does not involve cleaning my house, is the only thing that keeps my head from exploding.

I have a 7 year old – probably like many in the world, WHO NEVER SHUTS UP.   I mean, NEVER.  She is like some coked-up Jack-in-the Box that keeps jabbering and jumping up and down every minute she is awake.

And to make matters worse, she is an only child, so I get a lot of this all day: “watch this”, “watch me”, “look at me”, “you are not LOOKING at me!”… And the spectacular things that I get to witness?  A head stand on the couch.  Hopping.  Skipping.  Jumping Jacks.  All fascinating things, but really, do you need an audience for that?  This is not Cirque de Soleil quality stuff.

The first couple days into my confinement and I was banging on the walls of my cell like a crazed baboon.  A few days after that, and my ears started to bleed from the constant noise.  The CIA could probably use my child to extreme rendition some suspected terrorists into admitting guilt for something they didn’t do.

But thankfully, I am a free woman again, with only periodic meetings scheduled with my parole officer.  At least until Spring Break.

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6 Comments on ““Home Alone” for the Holidays.”

  1. JoAn Says:

    You do realize that school does not start until Tuesday, don’t you? :0)


  2. Lynda Says:

    I think shes cute when she is skipping, hopping and yelling watch me can’t believe you don’t


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