Can I get an Amen? People who don’t RSVP suck.

January 15, 2012

Can I get an Amen?

“Can I get an Amen?” is the name of my new “column” that will appear frequently in this blog.  The subject of each essay will fall under the category of “things I cannot stand.”  If they are also things that YOU cannot stand, then I’d like “to get an amen.


It has been awhile since I have written a “Can I get an Amen?” essay… but OMG… what is up with people who do not RSVP?  I have had some recent incidences, but I have also had this problem my entire adult life.

Let’s start with children’s parties.  Keep in mind, the invitation is to OTHER PARENTS who presumably have hosted their own children’s party a time or two in their lives… so they are not completely oblivious to the details.

When you are hosting at a party facility – there is a per head charge and depending on the activity, you may have to guarantee a certain number days in advance.  For those who are too stupid to know what that means… let me explain:  based on the number of people who were kind enough to let me know they were or were not coming and taking into consideration those rude enough to do neither, I have to tell the vendor how many people I will PAY FOR… whether they show up or not.  So not only are you rude but you just cost me $20 bucks.  Thanks a lot.

And even if the party is in your home, the average children’s birthday party today is averaging $15 – $30 a person by the time you factor in food, decorations and favors.  Is it too flippin’ much to expect a person capable of reading an invitation to be civilized enough to respond?

And BTW, to RSVP means to let me know EITHER WAY.  The absence of an answer is no answer because I don’t know if that implies your regrets or you are just too ill-bred to know the difference.

And adult dinner parties – where my cost per head is double – look, I liked you enough to invite you… do you like me enough to not be an asshole?  I swear one of these days; I am going to turn people away at the door.  I am going to say, “nope, sorry, you did not tell me you were coming and now there is not enough chicken.”

Be warned… it could be the last time you get an invitation… and if people don’t start acting right… they can just prepare to shuffle sadly back to their car.

Can I get an amen?

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3 Comments on “Can I get an Amen? People who don’t RSVP suck.”

  1. Karlyn Says:

    Amen…Such rudeness should not be tolerated!



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