George Clooney

January 16, 2012

Essays for Giggles

George Clooney is a VERY handsome man, for his age, but I was struck by a recent photograph of him with his newest main squeeze, Stacey Keibler.  I thought, “Uh oh, this is the beginning of the end”… his time as a renowned international playboy is sliding inexorably down the hill into creepy old man land.

Don’t get me wrong.  He is not there yet.  He is still rockin’ hot and I was surprised to learn that he is only 18 years older than his latest lady love.  I have to give him credit for dating a woman who is at least in her 30’s, but in that one picture, at that instant, he looked really old, and she looked really young. He could have been her Dad.

George, George… you are blessed with it all… you are handsome, healthy, talented, and rich.  I respect your right to play the field until you wind up 6 feet under it, but please, have enough self-respect to close that age gap.  As you enter your early 50’s, I am sure there are beautiful babes in their 40’s you could date.  I am just sayin’… for your own sake, let’s make a rule now that you can be no more than 10 years older than whoever the next one shall be ‘cause I hope Stacey isn’t getting too comfortable.

This age difference reminded me of one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen on film, and no, I am not talking about “The Human Centipede”.  The 1999 movie called “Entrapment” starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones featured a romantic entanglement with Connery, age 69 at the time, and Jones, age 30.  A 39 year age difference.  When they kissed, I threw up in my mouth a little.  And here is the odd thing, I could have handled it if a May/December romance had been the point of the movie, but, no, it was a crime caper and in the middle of it, Catherine just got so horny she started making out with grandpa.  Ick.  I cannot be the only one who got the heebie jeebies watching that one.

Ultimately, George will do what he wants and not give a damn.  As he should.  It’s his life and he should live it as he wishes.  I just hope I don’t see him in a movie in a few years playing an old hound chasing young tail, but I am afraid it seems that ship is currently trying to break away from the dock.

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