1, 2, 3, 4… who do we adore? Blogger Reader Appreciation Awards

January 2, 2013

Social Commentary

I recently received a wonderful recognition from a fellow blogger,, called the “Reader Appreciation Award.” How awesome is it to be appreciated? I firmly believe that all most of us want on a day-to-day basis is to know that someone recognizes our existence and is grateful for it.

Peace with my Life is a blog about one woman’s personal journey to find comfort, joy and peace, and to live a meaningful life. I wish her the best on her journey and thank her for this recognition.

The requirements for this award are that I tell you 7 things about myself and nominate my 5 favorite blogs, so here goes – All About Me:

1. I began blogging a little over a year ago as a way to express myself as a writer. I mostly attempt to write funny, true, observational pieces, but sometimes I just have to say something that isn’t funny like my thoughts on the recent rabid presidential election process or the Newtown Massacre.

2. My blog is for grown-ups who don’t take themselves or life too seriously. My award nomination described my writing as PG13, which I liked, but will warn that it can stray into rated R language. I like language. I like words. I like the way they sound and the way they make me feel. I dislike euphemisms for swear words. Say it or don’t.

3. I read a piece in a storytelling show and was hooked on sharing! I now host storytelling evenings in my home every other month. It’s a chance for some strange, eclectic, like-minded people to get together in a judgment-free space.

4. My recent storytelling experiences inspired me to audition for, and get a part in!, a local community theater production. It was an awesome experience and definitely something I can cross off the Bucket List.

5. I am married with one husband, and one girl child who is 8-years-old. I definitely share stories about them in the blog. We also have a mini-doxie, a hamster, a cockatiel, and an ancient and crotchety cat who has lived a good life… I keep encouraging her to go toward the light and she just keeps sleeping 22 hours a day on my side of the bed.

6. I don’t have one single skill that is valuable in a free market economy. I like to say, “I’m a jack of all trades, master of none”, but I am not even sure I am a Jack.

7. I would love to be an exercise enthusiast and fitness fanatic, but sadly I’m not.

Now on to some of my favorites:

Healthy Frenchie ( is the personal blog of a young, French ex-pat living in Canada. She mostly writes about her goals, achievements and progress in living a healthier lifestyle. The entries are like reading her private journal and in a very short time, you feel as if you know her personally. The most interesting thing to me is that no one in her “real life” knows about her blog! It is her little secret, which I think is wonderful, but totally not something I could do!

Hahas for Hoohas ( isn’t really a blog, but a website where you can read (and submit) funny, true stories. I had a story published there ( , a personal poop story, which I was inspired to submit due to a nearly-famous fart story that I read there that had me rolling on the floor, clutching my sides ( It is embarrassing. Not the story… well that too, but I am thinking of my snorting guffaws as I read it. Overall, the site just has a “we’re all girls hanging out together” kind of vibe.

The Nail Biter ( is the blog of a very funny, writer/storyteller who actually heads a multi-media empire with a live storytelling show ( and a podcast. I read an original story of mine in her show in Nashville, TN which you can see at this link: and had the time of my life! This was my inspiration for the play mentioned above.

Feel More Better AKA Off Our Chests ( is also more of a collection of stories and observations submitted by women. I had the breastfeeding story that I read at That Time of the Month featured on here. This place also has a “great to hang out with the girls” feel, but unlike Hahas for HooHas, Off our Chests features all kinds of stories including those of loss and heartbreak, so you can tap into all your emotions here, and by feeling less alone, you can “feel more better.”

Jennifer D. Crumpton’s blog, Femmevangelical, ( is one that I ran across on Huffington Post when I read her essay on the Newtown Massacre. I was annoyed and weary of all the “God-talk” surrounding that horrific day which made it seem like God could and would have stopped the gunman if only America prayed more, or the Ten Commandments could still be legally posted in public schools, or homosexuals were wiped off the face of the earth and this was a religious woman’s response that spoke to me. If you fear evangelical fundamentalism and avoid self-identified “Christians” like the plague, this is a safe place to share in a conversation about religion that is not alienating to two-thirds of the people on the planet.

That’s it! I accept this “award”, warmly thank my sponsor, Peace with my Life, and hope you enjoy reading this.

If you do, and you are not already a “Follower”, what have you got to lose?

Follow my blog, for goodness sake… you don’t want to be on the outside looking in do you?  That kid that sits at the lunch table all alone?  No you don’t do you?  I didn’t think so.

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