Over the Wall

Do we really need to shop in a single store where we can buy groceries (dry goods, dairy, produce, meat, deli and bakery); pick up a custom ordered birthday cake; buy clothes and accessories including shoes, belts, socks and underwear for the entire family, not to mention house shoes, hats, gloves and hair accessories; buy baby food and a crib and a car seat and everything else you need for baby; plus you can get your photos developed (maybe… see previous story); pick up your medications, talk to a pharmacist, get your health and beauty aids (shampoo, deodorant, vitamins and adult diapers), get an eye exam and a new pair of glasses, your pet supplies, gardening supplies, crafting supplies, a gallon of paint, a couple yards of fabric (in some stores); you can pick up McDonalds or Subway for dinner (both of which are gross), get your hair cut, get a cheap manicure and pedicure, your banking done, a money order, get your cell phone activated, rent a Redbox movie, get toys for your children, hardware, movies, books and CD’s, a hunting rifle, an assault rifle, and camping accessories all while you get your oil changed and new tires on the car?  Really?  Do we need that?

It is not possible for one store to actually do all that in an even minimally competent way.  We have had to take our car back on numerous occasions because they did something wrong or broke something in the process of an oil change.  I have begged my husband for years to stop taking our cars there and finally, we have.  But for a long time, the siren song of savings called to his Bosnian soul.

Some stores have gotten rid of their fabric departments, thank God, because they were never staffed and once you got someone to amble over, they couldn’t answer any questions about fabrics or sewing and you were lucky if they could use scissors.

And the Paint Department?  Well, I gave up on that ghost long ago.  No one was ever at the counter and if someone did show up, chances are they had a second grade education and were more comfortable finger painting than mixing paint.

So I have already abandoned Walmart for JoAnn’s and Home Depot.  Can a full scale evacuation be so far behind?

And for the pleasure of being able to live out your entire existence in Wally World, you get subjected to surly and ignorant employees who hate being there as much as you do (and who can blame them); Disneyesque lines without the switchback ropes that give the illusion that it is not as long as you think, and a shakedown over your receipt with a septuagenarian.  Man, that is a thankless retirement job in your twilight years, isn’t it?

I always thought that if I was a cashier there, that I would be offended that they had to check the customer’s receipt because they thought I was too incompetent to scan everything and check the bottom of the cart.  And then I met some of their cashiers.

And while I guess a few people must be stealing, I really don’t appreciate the implication.  I just stood in line for an hour to pay for this crap and now I have to stand in line to get out of the store?

I swear, one of these days, I am going to rush the door and refuse to show my receipt.  Let them call the cops.  What are they going to do?  I paid for my items.  I had the right to leave.  As a matter of fact, I am going to insist that the door greeter be arrested for illegally detaining me.  They do not have the authority to prevent me from leaving.  I want to be the first person to have a Walmart Greeter arrested for kidnapping.

And am I the only one who has noticed that Walmart has put in a bank of thirty check-out stands, but never has more than three staffed?  They could have saved millions by only putting in three registers in the first place.

I am a rule follower because I think that is what gives us the framework of a civilized society and makes life more pleasant.  One day I was trying to check out with my usual cart-full, and the only two registers open were 20 items or less.   You want to look around for the hidden cameras because surely you are being punked.

And let’s face it; Walmart has destroyed small-town America.  I also realize that every time I buy a shirt there for $7 that I am contributing to the child-slave trade in some third world country.  Their employees are under-paid and lack basic benefits, and we as customers suffer for that along with them.

Every time I go into Walmart a piece of my soul dies.

Join me now, in pursuing a better life!  Check the sales papers to shop more frugally at higher priced grocery chains.  Visit the Farmer’s Market and buy what is in season.  Get Amazon Prime and order online.  I once paid $10 more for the same item at Toys R Us vs. Walmart, but Amazon evens that playing field nicely.  And I want to make a pledge to shop local.

After the pin strokes I had in Walmart this weekend, I don’t think I can ever go back.  I have threatened that before and like a long-lost lover, or a chocolate bar, I keep crawling back to them… but this time, I feel strong.  I can do it.  I can manage to buy everything I will ever need and never step foot in Walmart again. As God is my witness!

Who wants to join me on this quest into a brighter, more fulfilled future?  One that respects your value as a human being?  We can do it!

And by the way, I’ll see you at Target!

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5 Comments on “Over the Wall”

  1. Carole King Says:

    Where have you been? We quit WalMart years ago when they invaded Ann Street tearing down an entire neighborhood and leaving trash in the parking lot. From surly employees, sticky shampoo bottles, sour yogurt, out of date dog food, stinky meat…not to mention being charged wrong prices 50% of the time and then having to stand 30 minutes in a customer service line to have it corrected! WalMart is not and should not be the American Dream. SHOP LOCAL for fresh items-vegetables, fruits, eggs, bakery items, at the Curb Market on Madison. Or support local and regional chains that support your community!


    • reneadijab Says:

      I know, girl…. I don’t know where my head was at… I feel like I am coming up for air. I am so happy to have made this decision and have gotten a lot of support. It is amazing how most of the people I know and like, DON’T go to Walmart at all! Well, now I am on the bandwagon, too!


  2. Cindy Says:

    30 years ago, my Grandmother was preaching the evils of Wal-mart and we all thought she was nuts. Not so anymore! I can’t think of a store I dislike more! Cheap merchandise, unkempt shopping environment, cranky staff, long lines, and slave labor back in China . . .why would anyone shop there??? Stay strong and don’t ever go back!


    • reneadijab Says:

      I don’t know why it has taken me this long, honestly. And now that I am out of the closet, everyone I know is saying they haven’t been to Walmart in years! I already feel more at peace at the prospect that I never have to see that place again. It has become such a part of my life, that I am working on strategies to stay out… I think we now have an informal support group!


    • reneadijab Says:

      Your grandmother was ahead of her time and a smart lady.


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