Thank You for Being a Friend


As many of you know, I declared jihad on Walmart on February 5th of this year.  If you are not aware of the situation, read the posts “Walmart I hate you as I hate myself” and “Over the Wall.”

I just made a commitment to my mental health and quality of life, that as God as my witness, I would never darken their door again.

I even switched my membership from SAMS to Costco.  So I haven’t done a major shop since, but I’ve been dipping my toe in the water at Publix.  Oh. My. God.  I walk in Publix and it is like going to a Day Spa.  It is quiet.  Soothing music is playing.  Or maybe that is just the sound of angels singing in my head.  Employees are friendly and helpful.

On my first visit, I didn’t know where they kept the canned pumpkin that I needed for this totally awesome pumpkin cake that I make.  At Walmart it is in the baking aisle where they keep flour and sugar.  So I went up to the front desk and asked and not only did the woman totally know where the elusive item was kept, she actually came out of her cubbie and took me to it!  In case you want to know, even though pumpkin is a vegetable, it is in the canned fruit aisle, next to cans of fruit used as pie fillings.

So yesterday, I was going through my credit card receipts, and noticed that I had been charged for two boxes of Crystal Light Single Serve Packets and I only bought one!  This happened nearly three weeks ago.  So I go in the store with my half empty box of Crystal Light packets, which proves absolutely nothing, and my receipt, and I say to the woman, “You may not believe me”, and she promptly says “Oh, I’ll believe you”, and I explained how I didn’t actually get two of the item and she gave me my money back!  The entire exchange took less than 30 seconds!

So I got a few more items and walked right up to an open register – no standing in line with dozens of other downtrodden folks for hours like we’re waiting to board the Death Trains – and said to the cashier that I had brought the Crystal Light box in with me.  Now why would I do that?  That seems pretty odd doesn’t it?  But she smiles at me and goes, “okay” and begins to scan my items.

Well, I’m telling you, I nearly wept.  And I just had to testify.  I said to her and the man bagging my groceries – Dear God, they have TWO people working a register! – “I just have to tell you that I recently quit Walmart”, and they both smiled and nodded their heads knowingly, and then I proceeded to explain to them, babbling like a lunatic, that I had been charged for two items instead of one and the woman in customer service believed me and gave me my money back, and then I had told them that I’d brought the item in and they believed me too, and thank you so much for not treating me like a thief that is a drain on society…

At this point, they could tell that I was emotional and they were speaking to me in gentle tones and moving slowly so that I didn’t bite.  I love them!  I wanted to take them home with me!  If those three employees that I encountered at Publix that day ever need anything from me, I am so there for them.  I will visit them in the hospital and send them Christmas cards.  I’ll bring them a casserole. All they gotta do is call and I’ll be there, yes, I will.

Thank you Publix for being a friend.

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10 Comments on “Thank You for Being a Friend”

  1. Carole King Says:

    WE TRIED TO TELL YOU! Grocery shopping revived and a real pleasure. We love us some Publix….


  2. healthyfrenchie Says:

    haha Walmart is an hour away here so I only go once in a while for a big shop. But our local supermarket is filled with lovely helpful employees. I guess I shouldn’t take it for granted 😉


  3. janineyork Says:

    I truly love your stories. “I will visit them in the hospital and send them Christmas cards” you are hilarious! Your writing reminds me of David Sedaris, do you know his work? Just the sarcastic wit applied to everyday life. I love it!


  4. Izzy's Grandma Says:

    Renea, I love my Publix on the Vaughn Road so much I visit them just about every thrid day; however, have you tried the Fresh Market on Perry Hill? OMG, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven whenever I walk into that store. I immediately head for the coffee section and get some of their wonderful FREE coffee samples, then its over to the fresh fruit and veggie section for whatever is being given out there, and then it’s off to the deli section to top off my noshing.

    So if you’re ever tired of hitting up Costco for delish nummies (that’s what my granddaughters call all the free samples), head over to Fresh Market.


    • reneadijab Says:

      I have had a light brunch at Costco before, but now, I’ll have to check out the nibbles at Fresh Market. I have only been in there once – at the old location – when I was pretending that I was going to cook Thai food on a regular basis and was looking for some crazy specialty ingredient.


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