Asshat of the Week – March 15, 2013

March 18, 2013

Asshat of the Week

Taking a look at all of the Republican Rock Stars in attendance at the Conservative Political Action Conference this week, it was one hilarious romp after another, and as always, there was the caustic and perpetually ugly Ann Coulter, whose professional and financial success speaks to the failure of our species as deserving of the planet we live on.  We must all take responsibility for her; like the drunkenly loud spinster aunt that embarrasses all of us at family picnics… you know the one… she still thinks she’s as hot as she was in college.

There were hilarious efforts to make the Conservative Movement seem like a caring inclusive group of folks who love the dark-skinned people, right up to the public discussion where a “good ole boy” said all these efforts to, you know… include people, were turning “his people” off… he meant white, Southern males.  He was educated and all, saying that as he studied literature, he came to love the culture of “his people”, then went on to explain to a black man, that “his people” (whites) were being “systematically disenfranchised”… I almost laughed out loud until a reference to slavery was made and Bubba reframed the Master/Slave relationship, not as one of an indefensibly immoral institution, but as being one in which the Master provided the Slave with food and shelter… ‘cause you know, the Slave Owner was the good guy.  Yep.  He said that.  Right Out Loud.  Don’t believe me?  Google it.   I think the only “literature” this guy has read is “Gone with the Wind” and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

Michelle Bachmann tries a “Let’s Give Peace a Chance” speech, and the organizers float famous African-American and Hispanic party leaders to show how much they truly love the 47%… but when the attendees are outwardly racist and they’ve got Ann Coulter on the agenda, it just doesn’t work.

You know how giving Clint Eastwood a chair on stage at the RNC was not a good idea?  Let me be clear:  you will NEVER make anyone believe your organization gives a damn about people with Ann Coulter on the agenda.  Every single word you utter about how much you love people ricochets around the room with unabashed sarcasm the minute that crone speaks.

There were many more Asshatish moments by the severely dehydrated Ann Coulter, from making a fat joke about Chris Christie to a nasty comment about Sandra Fluke’s hair.  Because you know, she has such rapier wit and is capable of intelligent discourse, like suggesting that a woman’s haircut makes her less desirable as a sexual partner.  Ann – you know what makes someone less desirable sexually?  The blackened, lump of coal that is the Grinch’s heart.

When I speak of Ann as being ugly or a crone, I do not mean her physical countenance.  Ann Coulter is a brutish, playground bully.   Instead, I refer to the dark soul of a Death Eater.

For a depth of sheer ugliness that would make a Disneyesque Evil Queen look like Angela Lansbury from “Murder She Wrote”, I give this week’s belated Asshat of the Week award to… Ann Coulter!  Congratulations, Ann!

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6 Comments on “Asshat of the Week – March 15, 2013”

  1. Bob Says:

    You, on the other hand, are quite the beauty.


  2. janineyork Says:

    I must concur on this week’s choice. She is ugly and vile to sell books and get guest spots on Fox. Whatever may be attractive about her instantly dissipates when she opens her mouth and spews forth ugly. Wow that is one ugly biotch! Hats off to this weeks Asshat! Well deserved indeed.


  3. james power Says:

    Your politics determine your thinking! I believe Ann Coulter is outwardly and inwardly beautiful.She is super smart,caustic and witty.If she possessed liberal credentials she would be your hero just as I presume Chris Matthews is and all the other”current” stars of MNBC.Its of no consequence since very few read your blog or watch Mnbc.


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