Asshat of the Week – March 27, 2013

March 27, 2013

Asshat of the Week

On Friday, March 22nd, 2013, a young, black male in Brunswick, GA murdered a baby execution-style (bullet to the head) in a mugging attempt.  The baby – who had not yet celebrated his second birthday – was killed in his stroller, while his mom fought for his life, taking a bullet herself.  This is a horrific story of unspeakable evil and the killer was a 17-year-old black boy; an African-American teenager.

I think this very act is so horrendous that it is hard to process and so in some way, we note what the killer looked like; a young, black male, as if that somehow helps us to identify evil.  I know that a black teenager shot and murdered a baby that day, but I also know that millions of young, black men also went to school that day, went to work, helped their moms put away the groceries, watched TV, played video games, texted their girlfriends, shot hoops with dad in the driveway and did not murder a baby.

If we are going to start saying that an entire demographic is evil then let me ask a question – how many school shooters are black?  I’m kinda afraid of skinny, pimply, nerdy misfits, who live in the basement and have access to the internet… oh, and whose parents own guns.  So don’t start on the stereotyping because eventually it will lead back to someone you know… maybe even you.

Now we come to George Zimmerman’s brother – remember George? – the man who shot Trayvon Martin to death while he was on his way home from the convenience store; a young, black male, walking in the rain with his hoodie up?

Yep, so George’s brother, Robert, tweeted pics of the child-killer next to a picture of Trayvon Martin to show their similarities – the killer throwing gang signs, the murdered flipping double birdies – and says, and I paraphrase, wonder if the liberal media should investigate if the actions of this murderer are the reason people think “blacks might be risky.”  Yep… he went there… and I think just sealed his brother’s fate… kinda hard to claim you weren’t racial profiling with that out in the Twittersphere… and what an insult to Trayvon Martin’s family and his memory… Trayvon Martin was walking home armed with a bottle of tea and a bag of Skittles when Zimmerman pursued him, got out of his vehicle with a loaded weapon (despite being told by a 911 operator to stand down) and shot him to death.  It doesn’t matter that Trayvon was suspended from school for possessing  marijuana… it doesn’t matter what Trayvon did before that day or would have done after… it doesn’t matter if Trayvon got in a few licks on ole’ George – I hope he did, why in the hell should be not have tried to defend himself from a racist vigilante?  And it doesn’t matter that Trayvon took a picture flipping the bird… hell, I’ve flipped people off in traffic this week… (below the window; they never saw it, but I felt better)…Trayvon Martin was a black kid, doing no harm, minding his own business, going to get himself a snack… and because George Zimmerman – and his brother, Robert, think blacks “might be risky”… George killed Trayvon in cold blood… so that if he was up to no good… he wouldn’t be now… but he wasn’t… he just wanted to get some Skittles and a drink… and now he is dead.

As tempting as it might be to try to make sense of a crazy, frightening, dangerous world by categorizing people in some misguided attempt to feel safe… we cannot do that.  All Muslims are not terrorists, all Priests are not pedophiles, all Black Men are not murderers, all White Kids playing Grand Theft Auto are not thugs, all Nerds are not school shooters…  and we cannot allow ourselves to think that way.  Why?  Because we are not 15th century medieval villagers and ogres don’t really live in the swamp at the edge of town.

So, for Robert Zimmerman’s horrifying display of racism and bigotry, for stirring the pot on tender and sensitive race relations, for grinding Trayvon Martin’s memory into the ground with the heel of his boot, for being insensitive, ignorant, and hateful, I award Mr. Zimmerman a special mid-week “Asshat of the Week” award… congratulations Robert!

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