Gay Wedding

March 27, 2013

Social Commentary


People say, “why do gay people have to get MARRIED?”

“Why can’t they just have a civil union, or get powers of attorney or whatever to satisfy their legal options? Why does it have to be marriage?” I kind of thought the same thing once upon a time, and then I read a story about a straight couple – one of whom did not want to get married, one of whom did – and they compromised on a “commitment ceremony” with special rings and everything… a totally non-binding, non-legal ceremony based on nothing but the strength of their love and desire to show their emotional commitment to one another and totally without the strength of the law behind it…

And I thought… “hey, that’s cool… and interesting… and a unique way to handle it… way to be different! Don’t let some archaic man-made institution hold you back!”… and then I realized, that for me, and I speak for no one else, “yeah, but that is not married“… anyone can make up any ole’ ceremony or celebration they want but it will never be marriage… being married is an institution that means something fundamental, sanctioned by our society, and nothing else can replace that… there are no legal substitutes for it… So if you love someone, and want to formally share and acknowledge that, and you want to be married… then nothing else will quite do… no “Coke Light” can satisfy the psychological need of wanting to be married

So yeah, gay couples need to be able to get down in the trenches with the rest of us and do the hard work that is required to hold a marriage together with a 50% divorce rate going against you… I mean, it’s not pretty down here… sometimes it smells… sometimes you want to kill the person you are in the foxhole with… but nothing says “I’m married” like being married… and when it is legal and undisputed across the land, which it will be and in my lifetime… I firmly spy a fundamental sea-change in this country and feel that I am on the cusp of a major civil rights movement… somebody, please invite me to their wedding!

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