Cupcakes that look like Shit… Literally…

March 29, 2013

Essays for Giggles


I once had a dog that ate my other dog’s shit.  He knew he wasn’t supposed to, so he would try to sneak and do it.  And if you caught him and started yelling at him to stop, he would start gobbling faster trying to choke it down before you could get to him.

One day I looked out in the backyard and saw him with his open snout directly under my other dog’s ass catching a fresh load as it came out.

It looked like chocolate soft serve ice cream.  I’ll never forget that day.

He would have loved these cupcakes.  RIP Samson.

Dog Poo

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2 Comments on “Cupcakes that look like Shit… Literally…”

  1. Duuna Says:

    RIP Samson….you are INSANE!!


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