Asshat of the Week – May 16, 2013

May 17, 2013

Asshat of the Week


“One who has their head so far up their ass as to appear to be wearing their ass as a hat.”

I had a couple other people lined up as upcoming Asshat of the Week recipients, but today I read something that just boggled my mind, and lo and behold a new Asshat winner was declared. By now everyone in the world should know the name Ariel Castro, a full- fledged, card-carrying sadistic, sociopath that was recently apprehended after three women, who were abducted ten years ago, were rescued from his ramshackle, boarded-up house.

The dramatic rescue of Amanda Berry, the child which DNA confirms was fathered by Castro, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight from his personal torture chamber broke the case wide open and the facts are not in dispute. The women were kidnapped. They were held against their will. They were raped, beaten and starved. These facts are not being challenged are they? There isn’t a conspiracy theorist out there claiming these women were complicit in these actions and that this is some kind of a government conspiracy to deflect attention away from the Administration’s recent political scandals is there?

Yes, due process in this country is rightly guaranteed to even the most low-down, disgusting, perverted and evil among us and it is quite imaginable that Castro might plead not guilty by reason of insanity, right? I mean that’s all he’s got; the only thing separating him from an automatic guilty verdict and the electric chair (should we be so lucky.)

Today, his lawyers, and even pond scum is rightly guaranteed legal representation in this country, came out with the following statement: “The initial portrayal of him is one of a quote ‘monster,’ and that is not the impression that I got,” one of his two attorneys, Craig Weintraub, said in an interview that aired on Wednesday’s Today show.

Okay, a little ballsy, but I can live with that. They are his attorneys after all, and if they want to keep him off death row, they can claim he’s not a monster if they want to; I would expect that of a halfway decent attorney, but then they go on to say: “He is a human being, but what is offensive is that the women and the media want to demonize this man before they know the whole story, and I think it’s unfair and not equitable.”

Gonna have to take a little issue with this fellas, I don’t think the “offensive” part of the story is that the “women want to demonize him.” Are you kidding me? This man stole children off the street, held them captive for a decade, forcing them to watch their families on television weeping at vigils, begging for their return.

This nut job was a friend of some of the families. He attended vigils for young women that he had chained in his basement. And his lawyers say that it is offensive that these women are trying to demonize him?

Well, I guess it’s a shame that in their testimony, the women so impolitely happened to mention the weeks of starvation and beatings in order to force miscarriages. I mean, how could these women say such horrible things about this poor man? Don’t they care about his feelings? Oh, wait… he did it… maybe Castro should be criticized for demonizing himself by… I don’t know… being a demon?
Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Castro’s attorneys profess his love for his child – created through the rape of his imprisoned torture victim – and his commitment to the child’s well-being. His lawyers state: “Mr. Castro is extremely committed to the well-being and positive future of his daughter, who he loves and cares about.”

Good Lord, where is that lightning strike when you need it?

What scares the crap out of me is that there are states that recognize the parental rights of a child conceived via rape… yep, you read that right, the daddy still gets visitation even though his paternity was created via rape. I know. There are many, many things wrong in this world, but surely, if there is anything right, this psychotic monster will never be allowed to see that child again.

I don’t believe in the devil, but I do believe in evil. He wears a suit and has a law degree.

(With apologies to all the decent human beings in the world who are attorneys; I know these guys give you a bad name.)

So, without further ado, this week’s dubious honor of “Asshat(s) of the Week”, go to Ariel Castro’s attorneys: Jaye Schlachet and Craig Weintraub.  I’m sure their families are proud.

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