MY SPECIAL DAY: The Day Before Mother’s Day 2015

May 9, 2015

Sunday Fun Day


Today, the day before my special day, I begin my annual tradition of preparing for MY SPECIAL DAY.  Mother’s Day is not about me but about my daughter.

First, her birth is what gave me “my special day” to begin with.

Really, tomorrow, most of us would probably just like to be left alone in a dark, quiet room for four hours with a cold cloth over our eyes and the sound of soothing ocean waves playing.

But no, our sweet babies expect us to be pampered with breakfast in bed. They expect us to have fun and not do any work. They expect rainbows and unicorns pooping glitter.

And they expect this ON A SUNDAY, the day before a Monday, when school clothes must be clean, lunches must be packed, shoes and backpacks by the ready at the back door, and if you have any hope at all of having a decent week, a clean house before you shut your eyes on Sunday night.

How does this, a miracle that surpasses the virgin birth, happen?  Well, it happens because I work like a dog TODAY, on the day before “my special day”, to clean house, do laundry, prepare meals and get ready to RELAX tomorrow.

I even make my own breakfast-in-bed.  My husband and daughter have taken care of the gift and card, but no one in this house can peel an orange or make toast without my assistance. I shudder to think what would be on my tray in the morning if my husband, bless his heart, was left to his own devices, and my daughter would be disappointed.

THAT is why, today, I am cooking turkey bacon and pancakes which will be ready for my husband to heat up in the morning, on my special day.

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2 Comments on “MY SPECIAL DAY: The Day Before Mother’s Day 2015”

  1. MoJo Says:

    Haha…so true! Thanks for the laugh this Mother’s Day morning, right before I head in to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone! 🙂


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