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One Door Closes and Another One Opens

July 24, 2015


ThinkandPonder has officially closed its doors! BUT, and it is a big but, much like my own, I am now blogging at my other site “Cheaper Than Therapy” is my live storytelling show website, as well as my blog. Fair warning, some stories here will be re-posted there, so forgive the repeats! So, you […]

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Number 2: A Meditation on European Toilets

July 23, 2015


My fascination with toilets goes back to when I realized on my first overseas trip that not everyone was privileged to have a giant “American toilet” that uses five gallons of water for every five ounces of urine. Americans love wasting natural resources.  It’s in our blood.  Our ancestors came here, discovered unimaginable riches – mostly because […]

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